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Indian Review of International Arbitration (IRIArb) is an international journal which follows a blind peer review format and is edited by the professors, practitioners and research scholars from around the globe. The Advisory Board and Editorial Board of the journal manifest the international outlook of the journal.

The journal is currently published in an online mode by the Centre for Arbitration and Research, Maharashtra National Law University Mumbai. IRIArb publishes twice each year. The Journal accepts high quality, analytical, rigorous papers from professors, practitioners, research scholars and students in the field of international arbitration and the allied areas.

The journal promotes original, unpublished and high quality research work in the field of international arbitration. The journal encourages empirical work, however, doctrinal papers are also accepted. It is an open-access journal whose aim is to make the knowledge of international arbitration more democratic and accessible. The journal does not accept any payment for the publication.

Aims and Scope

The Indian Review of International Arbitration focuses on research in the academic and practical aspects of international commercial & investment arbitration, and other connected areas of law. With the aim to provide for a balance between research on contemporary developments and analysis of long-standing issues in international arbitration, the Journal is dedicated to being a catalyst towards the progress of international arbitration via the publication of reliable and useful literature in the area of arbitration. Creating a platform to facilitate dialogues among stakeholders and authors, ranging from contributors to highest legal fora, to current law students from different legal, linguistic and cultural backgrounds, IRIArb encourages previously unpublished papers that caters to developing an educated colloquy – that is contemporary, recent or novel.